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Thinking on 

Responses in

Law against

Climate Change

Who has never dreamed about hitting CTRL-Z to undo a regretful real life situation?     We certainly have.


And if biodiversity, natural landscapes and humanity as a whole could speak, they would probably say "We too, we'd like to undo Climate Change, or at least control it". 

We believe that legally challenging the (in)actions to the dangerous Climate Change scenario has a role to play in undoing the series of events that will lead to this scenario.

Behind CTRL-Z Climate Change is group of citizens from the legal profession, civil society and academia concerned about climate change. 


We have come together to encourage creative legal thinking towards achieving bolder and more effective legal remedies on climate change issues.  We are already working individually or within our own organizations on how to best use judicial, quasi-judicial and investigative mechanisms to this end, at both the national and international levels.


We believe in creating connections and bridges between us and beyond to stimulate incentives to increasingly resort to these mechanisms.  By holding both states and private actors responsible we can all contribute to further prevent and mitigate Climate Change, or CTRL-Z Climate Change.

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